Learn Horsemanship at SCBC!

Activity Opportunities

Whether a trail ride, introduction to horsemanship, or combination of the two, you’re welcome to get acquainted with our herd and enjoy some time in God’s Creation.

Stewards Horsemanship

What: 1 & ½ hours of horsemanship, each day with particular focus and challenge to overcome. The final ½ hour is for a group devo, discussion, and prayer time. 

  • Provides consistent Christian fellowship.
  • Pushes people into opportunities where they can handle Scripture & sharpen each other as they discuss it. 
  • Creates an environment where service &  fellowship go hand-in hand. 
  • Teaches valuable life skills such as persistence and communication. 

Why: God gives gifts to believers, and then He gives us opportunities to use those gifts for His glory. Whether spiritual gifts, skills, relationships, or simply time, we are all equipped and asked to steward well what we’ve been entrusted with. One such opportunity is through horsemanship at Camp, where stewards can learn and assist in the training of Camp horses in an environment that fosters their own maturity and allows them to fellowship as brothers and sisters in Christ through their joint experiences with the horses. Each session will end with time in the Word as we discuss the most precious gift of all, the Gospel of Christ, and how we ought to walk in light of the truth of the Gospel. 

Membership: The Stewards session is open to those who partner with Sandy Creek Bible Camp in furthering the mission the Lord has put on our hearts. This partnership is for those who volunteer or financially contribute. 

Stewards, true to their name, often join us in our weekly cleaning  as well as in projects throughout the season. This is a perfect way to put into practice the call to be good stewards of all that God has given. You may also financially contribute a gift of any amount towards the ministry to partner with us (suggested donation: $40 / person / session).

Who: Co-Ed, 12-18 years

Where: SCBC Barn

When: Tuesdays, 4-6pm

Beginner Horsemanship
Group Lessons

What: 1 & ½ hours of horsemanship, where each participant is instructed in safety, grooming, groundwork, and eventually horseback riding. 

Why: Every thing we do at Camp is centered around the Gospel and the truth God reveals to us in His Word and through Creation. We intentionally voice Scripture in every lesson as a way to teach not just the fundamentals of horsemanship but to highlight our need for Christ in every area of our life.

 Below are a few areas that people grow in through our horsemanship program:

  • Alertness
  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Problem-solving
  • Kindness
  • Confidence
  • Communication

Who: Co-Ed

Where: SCBC Barn

When: Contact us to discuss options for participating in one of our weekly group lessons

Cost: $120 / 4 weeks

Trail Ride

What: 1 hr trail ride 

Why: Enjoy time in God’s creation 

Who: Small groups, study groups, sports teams, or any group looking for time of fellowship in God’s creation

Where: SCBC 

When: Contact us to discuss options for a group trail ride

Cost: $25 / person or contact us to discuss group rates

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