Varsity Camp

Varsity Edge Details (see themes below)

Directors:  Austin & Debbie Weaver

Speaker: Dan Kachikis

Dates: July 3-9, 2022

Campers: Coed – ages 14 -17

Cost: $370

What time does registration start?
Registration starts at 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

When is the camp week over?
The summer weekly camping program ends at 9:00 am on Saturday.

Get Ready!


Monday – Wild West
Snakeskin boots and 10-gallon hats will look right at home as we spend an evening in true Texan fashion; music, friendly competitions, a starry sky, and maybe even a firework or two.

Tuesday – Army
A-ten-hut! Chief just got orders for a top-secret mission. Grab your camo and remember your stealth training as you and your regiment plan a path to victory.

Wednesday – Hero
In these times of chaos and confusion, people need a hero. Unfortunately, ours went missing! Don your own cape and mask as you try to find him and save the day.

Thursday – Hawaiian
After an intense night of saving the world, you deserve a break. A night off, a siesta, a calm before the storm… Bring a lei and a Hawaiian shirt to set the tone as you relax in the pool.

Fan Friday
There will be lots of cheering as teams undertake the infamous Varsity Challenge. Dress as the #1Fan of your favorite sports team to get in the mood.

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