Varsity NEXT

Varsity NEXT Details (Daily Themes Below!)

Directors: Bentley & Meghan Varghese, Joel & Lauren Puryear

Speaker: Reagan Banasky

Dates: July 21-27, 2024

Campers: Coed – ages 15-18

Cost: $400

What time does registration start?
Registration starts at 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

When is the camp week over?
The summer weekly camping program ends at 9:00 am on Saturday.

Get Ready!


Varsity Next 2024 – Survive.

You’re getting old enough to realize that there is only so much other people can do for you. No matter how reliable the person is, they are human, and will invariably let you down. Meanwhile, the struggles of day-to-day life never seem to end, or worse, seem to compound on each other with no end in sight. You’re told to “pick yourself up by the bootstraps”… but, realistically, how far can you carry yourself? How long can you last?

This year at Varsity Next, we are going to address this issue from what God has to say about it. Reagan Banasky will be speaking from the Word, reminding us that even though the world is full of empty promises, God is not. 


Daily Themes: 

  • Monday (Discover) – Don your hiking attire and head out on safari. Explore what the future holds…or maybe the past…?
  • Tuesday (Endure) – The infection is spreading and you’re looking worse for wear. Outlast the hunger – and the hunters – as you search for a cure.
  • Wednesday (Suffer) – Dress to disappear as you attempt to evade your termination. Endure the muggy, wet mission as long as you can…
  • Thursday (Recover) – Relax and restore your spirits while you enjoy a well-deserved picnic…watch out for the bugs!
  • Friday (Rescue) – Can you hold out long enough for the rescue? If so, join the survivors at a royal banquet dressed in your finest (Camp appropriate) attire!
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