Over 350 children and youth were given the gospel at Sandy Creek Bible camp last year because of some very special people. If it were not for them, those children would never have been able to attend camp. Prayers, time, and full or partial scholarships provided by people committed to the preaching of the gospel make this place effective.

By the grace of God, Sandy Creek Bible Camp has had numerous volunteers over the years. Volunteers are always more than welcome at camp, and we look forward to coordinating work days with individuals and groups. So whether you’re young or old and have a heart that wants to serve the Lord please consider donating your time here at Sandy Creek. ┬áContact us┬áto see how you can help.

We have a number of programs and projects each year that we desire to expand with your help. So check out the links, pray for the work, volunteer your time and expertise, or donate to the effort here at Sandy Creek Bible Camp. Please contact us to find out about any existing scheduled work days or to schedule your own. We look forward to hearing from you!